You can purchase material directly online on Narrattiva site to your house. Follow the wizards of our online store and choose to pay with PayPal in real time, or make a bank transfer paid in advance.

In case of payment by bank transfer it will be necessary to send an email to to have transfer information. Once we receive the credit on the account (usually 2-5 work days with possible variations depending on bank) we will proceed to shipping.


With the new shipping system you can take advantage of cheaper rates or shipping professional services, according to your preferences:

  1. ITALY BASE SHIPPING: through Poste Italiane with  “Piego di libro” shipping we apply a minimum charge of € 5.00. This option becomes free for orders over € 20.00, so most of our manuals are shipped without shipping costs. Shipping untraceable.
    Attention: poste italiane website promises the delivery for Piego di Libro shipment  in “[…] 5 days, besides the shipment one ”. But we verified that the average time is around 15 working days. For this reason the packages possibly late will not be considered lost until after at least 30 days from the date of shipment;
  2. ITALY EXPRESS SHIPPING: by DHL or MBE courier. Fast and untraceable shipment via internet, with delivery in 2/3 working days with additional charge of € 15,00. This option becomes free for orders over € 50,00;
  3. EUROPE BASE SHIPPING: through Poste Italiane with padded ordinary package. Delivery in 3/5 working days with additional charge of € 15,00. This option becomes free for orders over € 50,00;
  4. EUROPE EXPRESS SHIPPING: by MBE courier, this method ensures greater control over shipping through traceability via internet, as well as an improved security of the professional courier. Delivery in 3-5 working days with a charge of € 25,00. This option becomes free for orders over € 75.00.


  • Specify clearly the address to which you want to receive the goods.
  • Also specify a phone number (possibly mobile) to which you can be contacted in case.
  • Orders for deluxe editions of Dogs in the Vineyard and My Life With Master will be processed with the first copy available. They have been used in the manufacture more types of leather and slightly different models: you can not order a particular type of leather or wood.
  • For Bacchanalia DELUXE edition orders it is possible to choose which wine you prefer for the bottle of Sangiovese Superiore Riserva, between 8 of Bertinoro Wines Consortium.
  • For games in box (Montsegur 1244, Doubt, The Upgrade!, Bacchanalia DELUXE) because of the fragility and size of the packaging Piego di libro shipment is not available but only the one by express courier.