We do games.

They are books. Yes, games are not just boxed, or a CD, but also books and this is their shape, but we assure you that they are totally games! To be more specific they are Roleplay games.

If your answer is “Word of Warcraft” or “I don’t know” keep reading, otherwise you can move on to our games description.

In reality everyone knows what are roleplay games because all of us played it at last when we were children. These games create stories of different genres collaboratively, through the active participation of every player in one of the characters, moderated by rules and by a starting scenario. They are commonly called Role Playing Games (RPG), and were initially made and sold only in the format of a book. And in fact we can say that they have always existed because it’s part of being human to tell stories and perform scenes of real life or fantasy.

In 1974 Dungeons & Dragons was the first game that has led RPGs to the commercial success, but it has embalmed the scheme; in fact in the years following the new games’ typical structure was always modeled on that of D&D: basically fantasy setting, complex rules system and very large, thick volumes and long gaming sessions with a Game Master who acted as sole screenwriter and creator of history and characters whom the players play.
This structure is the same one used years later by videogames, creating the first so-called role-playing computer games and then displacing their paper progenitor.

Perhaps this has created the impetus in the early 2000s for a new generation of really innovative game designers who created the first role playing games really various and based on different and new game patterns. Narrattiva was the first Italian publisher to recognize and enhance this new creative wave, and to translate many of these games in Italian!

…and finally here it comes Narrattiva!


Role-playing games that we propose are simple, fast, cooperative and, above all, exciting.

You play at the table following the rules of the book, which are not meant to limit the player but to allow him to give free rein to the imagination and create engaging and passionate stories, often with the addition of game material.

All based on stories that are created and lived in real time from you players without needing to be actors, writers and set designers. These games allow a group of people to tell a story and live it in first person because everyone plays a character.

Forget the old tomes filled with tables, forget the old GMs, who had to spend hours on the day before to prepare the adventures that would last months: with these games not only it’s possible to play without preparation, deciding at the moment what to play between a rich choice, but sometimes it is not even necessary that there would be a GM. Even in games where it is present, the GM makes a remarkably more rapid and effective preparation work (some of these games will teach you to prepare an adventure in 10 minutes!)

Powered by Apocalypse

Some of our games have a structure defined “powered by apocalypse”, despite being the simplest and fastest of the old RPG, their scheme provides a greater amount of rules than the other games we offer, and the presence of a fairly game’s expert GM who can explain it to the players and create the starting scenario; But he no longer has a decision-making and administrative power on the game so pervasive, that here is also shared with the other players.


Parallel to RPGs to play at the table, over the years has spread the so-called Live Action Role Playing (or LARP), where players are standing, they move and what they physically do what they tell verbally. It is characterized by the intensity, the immediacy and the simple and effective techniques that uses to tell stories. The themes are almost always feelings and contemporary situations, close to the daily life of everyone.

Narrattiva, careful to all the news in the international world of games, was the first in Italy to make arrangements with the authors Ve Aker Jeep, the famous collective of Northern Europe that has created some hybrid games with the typical structure of the LARP and some elements taken from the board game.

To play Narrattiva live games there won’t require costumes, there won’t be additional costs, you will not need to prepare scenarios. Thanks to streamlined regulations, which can be explained in just a few minutes, and with the help of the material provided in the box, all you will need is a room where you will not be interrupted, a few friends who want to have fun.

Take a look at what we do. Take a look at our games. cosa facciamo. Dai un’occhiata ai nostri giochi.