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Narrattiva is an editorial label of Shadow Studio, founded in 2006 as after the enthusiasm aroused by the new Role Playing games, more modern and varied, appeared in the United States around the early 2000s.

Narrattiva was the first editorial label to see the potential of this innovation, bringing it in Italy with the targeted production and distribution of the most successful and critically acclaimed games, through charming graphics and original formats. These games are able, more than others, to create exciting and depth stories through an active and shared narration among a group of players, and it is this feature which gives its name to the publishing house.


Before a name we are a group of players, passionate and expert of RPGs, since its beginnings. We are people who play. We are the friend who propose you a game because we tried it and impressed us.

Our wish is to entertain people together through exciting stories they narrate and live. For this reason what marks us is the quality of games: the content, the system of rules, support and graphics; and what guides us is the passion of whom is part of the gaming world for many years.



In addition to the Narrattiva product, we have hundreds of internazionalization of all types (audio-visual, games, books, comics) from multiple languages (English, Korean, Japanese) with world famous franchise (Dragonball, SpongeBob Squarepants, Neon Genesis Evangelion, etc.).
Other to a deep knowledge of the modern games, we have a consolidated experience in “classic game”, with dozens of known systems and one of the largest Literature collections of this field. We have been contributor to the major magazines (Excalibur Kaos), as well as authors of the best-selling role-playing game of Italy *.

* = “An Original system, the UNauthorides Bastard!! RPG” was sold in over 50,000 copies, but it was an attachment to “Bastard !!”, at that time was the Granata Press bestseller manga.

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