G&P 2


Our experience in graphic design extends over several continents. In fact, we work with many customers in America, Europe and Asia. We are always in contact with the industry news and the latest trends: do not sell something abstract, but a world of which we too are part since its inception and we are active participants.We have a solid book design and packaging experience with over 200 releases on our background, even with worldwide success brand as Spongeebob, Dragonball, Neon Genesis Evangelion.Also we boast capacities in communication and promotional graphics, with realization of websites, logos, flyers, web advertising and this allows us to offer complete and personalized services.


One of our best skill is the production of games starting from presentation of the rules, coherent with the play material, to graphics. Because of this we differ from the original editions, one example is the US and Italian editions of Bacchanalia and Slay with me.Bacchanalia was in the original version a 20 pages stapled booklet, which has been transformed from Narrattiva in a professional multilanguage project and distributed in 4 territories. Thanks to the graphics designed ad hoc, created starting from zero, to an intuitive and attractive packaging and to the review of the game rules. A similar process has been followed for S/lay w/me: for the Italian edition has been made a complete graphic and packaging restyling (a little box containing two booklets, one for each player) and, therefore, study of the rules to present them in a version adapted to the format.Of course the quality that we try to keep in our games has its roots in the game designers professionalism and competence, ie the authors, who work with us, providing us great games and high-level content.