Narrattiva boast among its works also the realese of some small in-depth essays on his published games themes, either in the form of chapters and additional notes present only in the Italian edition of the games, either in the form of collections of speeches by various authors, published during the convention “InterNosCon”, about game, emotions and storytelling’s themes, and how these elements are often intertwined.


(This paragraph is outdated)

InterNosCon is the most important Italian convention dedicated to the innovative role-playing games; is an event organized to bring together all the players of the new indie games, like those made by Narrattiva. It is a gathering of players for players. Not a market fair with sales stands, but a quiet space where you find and play with old and new friends.It borns from the desire to share, play, discuss, get together all those who share a passion for the role play, particularly for those games meant to create and live stories. The fellowship is part of the experience for all 2-3 days of the event, that meant to be primarily a time to meet and socialize.At each Internoscon it is made a “call for papers” for in-depth articles about games in general, related to a specific theme different every year, which are then collected in data volumes to each participant and then made available to the public.Look at the Internoscon web site and Facebook page.