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Narrative is a publishing label which is headed by a competent and skilled person team in comics industry, role playing game, informatic, graphic and communication.

We have an experience of over 20 years in the IP localization and TV products, like Japanese cartoons.

Our strength lies in the experience and capabilities in contracts, thanks to which we can meet the individual needs and carry out the personalized work projects.

We maintain our commitment to distributors, players, authors; always participating in national and international trade fairs. This allows us to be present constantly in the sector, to have a wide network of contacts and establish direct contact with the players.


cani nella vignaSpanish Edition

Dogs in the Vineyard

copertina036Korean Edition

Apocalypse World

cani nella vigna deluxeDeluxe German edition

Dogs in the Vineyard

20160301_153152German edition

My life with Master


Spanish Edition

Morderous Ghosts

copertina037Polish edition

S/lay w/ME


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