Studio SHADOW was founded by Michele Gelli in 2007 and always dealt with web, communication and entertainment in all its shapes and sizes.

Studio SHADOW has to his credit scouting, localization and promotion of Intellectual proprties (IP) of any kind (manga, manwa, anime, movies, TV series, video games, etc.) with the world famous franchise (Dragonball, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hokuto no Ken, Serial Experiments Lain), design and creation of non-electronic games of all kinds (board games, committee games, room escape), gamification.We made Corporate Image and communication functionality for companies of all sizes, on paper and electronic support, often relying on innovative products and the latest technologies.


It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. (Seneca)

Studio Shadow has always been at the heart of innovation. Over the years it has been the protagonist of the great return in Italy of manga and anime with collaborations of the highest level with all major players in the sector. It was the first reality in Europe to identify and market a new type of game developed by an independent movement in the United States. It was among the very early adopters of Augmented Reality technology, used both in game and communication. And it is currently also engaged in the design and implementation of Room Escape.



Customers of all sizesWe are a small and very dynamic reality. Our streamlined allowed us to acquire customers of all sizes, from an industrial giant like Hera to a small realities as the artisan next door.Hundreds of localizationsShadow Studio has dealt in various capacities with all stages of the processing of Granata Press, Dynamic Italy and Dybex releases.Bacchanalia

Shadow Studio has transformed a 2005 game, developed for a contest and sold as a pamphlet of 16 black and white pages, in a professional project, developed over several territories has also made use of technological features (such as augmented reality) never seen before in a card game.

Custom-made Web

We have the skills to make customed web services to measure and realize not only communication sites, but also custom web applications such as the one developed for Hera, in which our system is responsible for collecting and processing the data of the heating elements consumption for hundreds apartment buildings.

Web design
Web app design
UX design
IP Handling
IP Localization
IP Scouting
Script for TV dialogues
Script for comics
Game design
Book design
Corporate image
Communication experts