Game Designers on Stage. A Morning with Chris Crawford & Ron Edwards

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A morning with Chris Crawford & Ron Edwards.

Martedì 4 Aprile 2017
9:15 – 13:15

Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa,
Via Candiani 72, Aula Fratelli Castiglioni (Edificio B1, terzo piano)

Descrizione dell’evento (in Inglese):

The seminar addresses two actual and complex topics that are unpacked through the seminal perspectives of Chris Crawford and Ron Edwards.
The first is a reflection about the nature of reality and our double way to perceive it. On the one side reality as a collection of things, on the other as a system of processes. In this context, our reliance on vision biases us towards thinking in terms of things rather than processes. This in turn hampers our ability to use the computer fully by creating good algorithms.
The second addresses table-top role-playing not as a fixed or known activity, but as an undeveloped medium of dialogue and play which creates fiction. Unlike traditional media, creating a story with or from this fiction is an option, not intrinsic to the fiction’s existence or expected from an audience or consumer standpoint. In this new medium the process of story authorship is laid open to observation and common experience. Then, if not for story creation, what else can the medium do?


Welcome and introduction

Two Perceptions of Reality, and their Implications for Software Design.
Chris Crawford

Story When?
Ron Edwards

Round table
Matteo Bittanti (IULM Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione)
Michele Gelli (Narrattiva/Studio SHADOW)
Pier Luca Lanzi (Politecnico di Milano)
Dario Maggiorini (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Laura Ripamonti (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Stefano Triberti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano)



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